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Sweet Little Things has something new to offer: Cupcakes for a Cause. Cupcakes for a Cause will benefit an organization of our choosing, where 25% of the proceeds goes straight to them. There will be a special cupcake flavor for each cause that automatically benefits the organization. 
To start off this new offer, my first Cupcake for a Cause will support Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. This one will actually be offered all year round. Why Alpha-1? Alpha-1 is a genetic condition that my mom has. It can cause serious liver disease in children, and liver and/or lung disease in adults. For my mom, it affects her lungs. Not many people have even heard of Alpha-1, and since it is so close to home, and I myself am a carrier of that gene, I am offering this one all year long. I want people to become educated about it, as well as be able to donate money towards research for finding a cure. For more information about Alpha-1 visit: http://www.alpha1.org/newly-diagnosed/what-is-alpha-1 
The official flavor for Alpha-1 is a french vanilla cupcake, filled with a seedless blackberry jam, topped with fluffy white chocolate buttercream, and garnished with a purple ribbon or flowers.
Cupcakes for a Cause -
September: Welcome back to school! What better way to celebrate the start of the new school year than with a dozen Peanut butter and jelly cupcakes?? A white cupcake filled with yummy pb&j, topped with a sweet cream buttercream. I will be on the search for a good school program/charity to donate to, and 25% of the proceeds will to towards that. Cupcakes are $22/dozen. As always, Alpha-1 French Vanilla Blackberry with a White Chocolate Buttercream $22/doz.
August: This month 100% of the proceeds from the cupcakes sold at the Shatter the Silence run will go to Shatter the Silence. Alpha-1 French Vanilla Blackberyr with a White Chocolate buttercream $22/doz.
July: "Red, white, and blueberry," a blue velvet cupcake with a juicy blueberry filling, topped with a red and white striped sweet buttercream. 25% of the proceeds will go towards helping Veterans. Cupcakes are $22/dozen. Alpha-1 French Vanilla Blackberry with a white chocolate buttercream $22/doz.
June:Moving into my new apartment this month, so there unfortunately won't be one. I did make 3 dozen too many for an order, so the money made from selling those went towards Alpha-1!
May: May is national skin cancer awareness month. So while you are sitting in the sun (under an umbrella, a big floppy hat and lots of sunscreen!) you can "sip" on a Piña Colada Cupcake! $18/doz for rum flavored, $24 for the real deal spiked cupcake. Alpha-1 French Vanilla Blackberry with White Chocolate Buttercream $22/doz.
April:"Andrew's Cupcakes," a sweet vanilla cupcake loaded with sprinkles inside and out to appeal to everyone's inner kid! 25% of the proceeds go towards Autism Awareness. April is also Parkinson's awareness and the "Uncle Frank" is offered as well, it's a rich cannoli cupcake made up of a vanilla cake, with sweet ricotta and mini chocolate chip filling, topped with a cream cheese buttercream and sprinkles with mini chocolate chips. 25% of the proceeds will go to St. Barnabas Villa, a non-profit assisted living home where Uncle Frank spent his last years battling Parkinson's that took care of him and showed him great love. Lastly Alpha-1 French Vanilla Blackberry with White Chocolate Buttercream ($22/doz), 25% of the proceeds will go to the cause.
March:MS Awareness cupcakes, a sweet vanilla cupcake with a juicy orange buttercream and an optional marshmallow cream filling. 25% of the proceeds will go towards the cause. Unfilled cupcakes are $18/doz, filled are $22/doz. Alpha-1 French Vanilla Blackberry with White Chocolate Buttercream ($22/doz), 25% of the proceeds will go to the cause.
Sweet Little Things
Sweet Little Things aims to make custom cupcakes personalized just for you! We can do cupcakes for all your needs: birthdays, weddings, showers, theme parties or any other event. We are home bakery located right between Cleveland and Akron. Dream up any special flavor you would like, and we'll make it!
About Me
Hello! I'm Maggie, the cupcake designer of Sweet Little Things. I love baking and decorating unique cupcakes. I studied Culinary at the University of Akron, and will be receiving a degree in Food and Environmental Nutrition from there in December. I have my ServSafe Certification, so you can be assured that your cupcakes are in qualified hands.
Cupcakes can make your event more memorable, especially when they are tailored just for you. Sweet Little Things is here for you to create a special flavor profile that perfectly fits with your event, with less restrictions than many bakeries with set menus have. I'm stepping outside those boundaries and looking forward to the new creation that you and I design.
Sweet Little Things officially has received a Home Bakery License as of August 16, 2012!
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